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I've gone on holiday by mistake!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 1:34 pm    Post subject: I've gone on holiday by mistake! Reply with quote

... sorta.

I've had net access for a few days via a friend's place in London, but I'm just now taking time to check forums. I took off from Virginia a week ago ... currently on the last couple days of my Big England Vacation. I'm staying in tonight because I've really just been running myself into the ground and I'm feeling it now.

Quick recap so far ...

Random walking around Bolton on Thursday, saw a museum, hung out with some 'net friends.

Friday was Manchester, the Doctor Who Exhibition, a couple other museums and a Christmas party.

Saturday was York ... went to another museum (hm), the Minster, and was fed some candy and things.

Sunday was Derbyshire. Saw a castle, went into the Devil's Arse (aka Peake's Cavern, where a lot of the BBC Narnia series was filmed), did some shopping, and apparently drove by the place where Sam was shot in Life on Mars.

Monday came here to London, saw the city a bit, saw Spamalot, stage-doored and met Peter Davison for all of five seconds.

Tuesday I was dropped off with a tube map and told to have fun while my current host did some research, so I saw the Tower of London on my own, then met up again to see some of the British Museum.

Today I ended up exhausting myself, so I'm in for the rest of the evening (it's 7.30 now). Stood in line at Argos to get a hard-to-find Top Gear game for my gentleman friend back home, then the BBC studio tour, then Kensington Palace for tea ... then I just sort of hit the beginning of a tourist meltdown and we're back here as I wire myself up to feel a little less homesick.

Tomorrow I finish my Christmas shopping, then go see Stephen Fry's Cinderella panto in the afternoon and go back to Bolton. Friday I'm apparently going to Penrith and hopefully Buckinghamshire (!!!!!), and Saturday I'm going to the media museum and then making it an early night so I can catch my morning flight home on Sunday.

As much fun as I've been having ... I think I really am ready to go home, see my pets, and eat too many Arby's sandwiches. V. tired and homesick.
TVM Drinking Game (updated!):

One for:
~ 'Two hearts'
~ 'Thirteen lives'
~ A clock
~ 90s-grade CG
~ Reference to Puccini/Madame Butterfly

Two for:
~ Gratuitous Doctor Who continuity
~ Overtly Messianic imagery
~ Beryllium/atomic clock
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