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Comments about GYPO on the AETV Hornblower discussion board

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 10:58 am    Post subject: Comments about GYPO on the AETV Hornblower discussion board Reply with quote

Paul McGann at Edinburgh Film Festival
Posted: Aug 27, 2005 10:39 AM (1 of 4)--see

"Just back from the most delightful vacation spent in part at the Edinburgh International Festival for several weeks. Concurrently, the Edinburgh International Film Festival was running, including the British Premiere and official Fleet Street PR screening of his latest film this past 24 August (a very full house with many Paul McGann fans present, including me). Every reporter and the entire cast and production team of the film were there - including our gorgeous Paul. (The broad smile is still plastered on my face from that delightful evening several days later.) He sat next to some very lucky local fans at the back of the auditorium during the film. At the end, the entire production crew and actors went up on stage for 15 minutes of interview. (Alas no pictures since cameras were not allowed in the audience.) The lead actress who played Paul's wife (his character had the same name) said she had to act very hard during one scene to look as if she hated being next to him, when she actually rather enjoyed his company (when she said this, he blushed BIG TIME and made a joke to cover his embarrassment). He plays this absolutely taciturn, mean-spirited, intolerant character trapped in a low-income job of delivering and installing carpets in between spending money needed for family upkeep on a pint and darts at the pub. It totally hurt seeing Paul play this awful person who was so opposite to him - but the film gave many ladies in the audience plenty to contemplate anyway. During the post-film interview, Paul opined that he had a difficult time getting a handle on his mean character and wished in retrospect that he had made him say more. (The 1995 Dogme Manifesto film rules under which this film was made dictate no script, method acting one's way through the part as well as no artifical sound or light.) In the film the unshaven Paul looked mighty nice - the rough look definitely becomes him. For the PR evening, McGann wore this handsome black jacket, lightweight black turtleneck and black pants outfit; there were many applauses and sighs when he came up on stage last of all - after much, MUCH coaxing from the rest of the cast. All the stories are absolutely true that the dear man is very, very shy and suffers from a serious case of stage fright; he couldn't look the audience straight in the eye for any length of time without blushing, twitching that gorgeous mouth, or averting those lovely green eyes of his. He was a lot paler than usual that evening, so he also may not have been feeling well (hopefully, he had not caught the raging Norwalk's Virus that was striking many of us in Edinburgh over the past few weeks). He is also a surprisingly short fellow (women in the cast towered over him) with a head rather larger in proportion to the rest of him (but not displeasing) - which is partly how he projects tallness on film (the rest being accomplished with risers and strategic placement on stage sets I would imagine). After being pounced upon by a herd of drama and film newsies, he made his escape and left stealthily from a rear entrance of the cinema (only Rula Lenshka (who plays the Czech refugee mother), now living in the UK, departed with panache in a tony black chauffeured limo from the front of the theatre (conveniently near a bus stop, where one could pretend to wait for the next coach while in actuality celebrity watching). All in all it was a perfect evening for us fans if not for poor, beleaguered Paul."

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